Monday, August 29, 2011

Do you SEE what I see ?

Did you know we have a treasure chest ? It is a decorated chest that we let the children get in when they do something special or their behavior is extraordinarily good. Today they ALL got in the chest for the first time. Ask your child why !

Orrin got glasses out of the treasure chest .

I want Ms. Bethany to be good at EVERYTHING we do so today she did small groups.

We have had an exciting day today. We had our first walking field trip. I want to say that this group was BY FAR the BEST " field trippers" we have had in a long time. They obeyed all the rules we talked about before we left. Parents, you would have been so proud of them. We had 14 with us and they walked into the hospital SO QUIET and respectful. ( " There are sick people and babies that need to sleep in there." We saw Kat's new baby sister . Her grandma greeted us in the hallway and was so excited. I actually had chill bumps thinking of the day I will be with my daughter to have a baby - IF, that day ever comes. :) What a joy to help this family celebrate today. Kay was SO excited. If course, when we got home the "baby business " ensued. We had babies being born all over the house. I heard one little girl saying her " mom found her in a trash can." I laughed, she knew it was a joke and who hasnt said that to their little one a time or two when you dont know how else to answer the question. If you want some help or information on how to answer that question for your little one - click HERE.

When we take walking field trips we learn safe ways to cross streets.

Kingston playing a Brown Bear letter tile matching game.

What would we do if we could not see ?

I had to show off Dillion's journal today. Awesome writing buddy !

MUFFIN TIN MONDAY ! And yes, several of them DID eat the brussel sprouts.

Today was a Monday... and it was A GREAT DAY!

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