Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Calendar

When I looked at our calendar, it wasnt very clear so thanks for asking so I can send a new one out. Also, I did decide to go ahead and take the day after Danielle's wedding off. So basically our Christmas vaca starts on the 18th.

Here ya go!

Bright Beginnings
Debbie Mays- 549-3407

2008-2009 School Calendar

August 20, 21, 22 8:00-1:00
August 25 First FULL day
Sept 1 CLOSED Labor Day
November 27, 28 CLOSED Thanksgiving
December 18-Danielle’s Wedding
December 19 - 31 Closed Christmas Break
January 1 - 2 Closed New Years
Reopen on January 5th
March 23- 27 Spring Break
May 15 – LAST DAY

I have not included parties or any other special dates but will give you advance notice so you can plan your schedule as well. This schedule will remain on track to the best of my ability. REMINDER- We are closed for inclement weather if SS Schools are closed please watch the news for confirmation. If we are closed for inclement weather , we will make those days up
following May 12.


  1. Yea for your long break! I wonder if I can talk my boss into letting me work from home during his break.

    I was just wondering if there was going to be a book order before Christmas. I love to get books for gifts.
    By the way the word verification was kinda weird today. My word was antspants

  2. This is a better place for your blog than MySpace.

    What do people do with their kids during long breaks like Christmas and summer anyway? I told Tim today it's a good thing I don't have a job yet because what the heck would we do with the kids if I did.

    That'll be fun! Maybe we'll try ice skating at the JC for the first time. :)

  3. I do know the date of the Christmas party too! December 11th! Thursday night 6:30.

    Thankfully, most of my kids have a relative or other backup for when we are closed. I think they weight out that the rest of the year is free so it makes it worth it to make arrangements for the days we are closed. The funny thing is when we had mixed private pay and stayed open so they could stay if they wanted. None did.

    Also, did you know you have to pay for ice skating at the JC now? I heard that on the news the other day. I couldnt believe it.

  4. I think grandma is going to get her knee scoped, so Adam is going to be joining Kayla at ABC in Gentry.
    Did I tell you we lost our Indian tuituion? My bonus put us over the top. =(