Thursday, December 4, 2008

Run Run as fast as you can

Here are some of the activities we are doing this week during center time.

This is a basket filled with all types of ribbon, buttons, rick rack and pom poms. I have cut out several little gingerbread shapes and the kids have fun decorating them !

This is a great math activity. I laminated several gingerbread man memo sheets after writing a number on each one. The children place the correct number of buttons on each gingerbread man.

We spent a lot of time today exploring art materials. I like to change out the free art display once a month and today was the day. On the day I take the "old" down, I encourage them to make "new" projects by emptying my arts and crafts closet . Today the favorite art medium was styrofoam balls.

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  1. This is very helpful -- it will be Gingerbread Day in my room next Friday!