Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Run Run.. little Rudolf

Today.. thank the Lord has been a normal day.   We played , we sang , we told stories. I desparately needed to lose myself in the kids today.  There are days that I don't want to even remember there is a world outside the little make believe one we create for the kids.

I have some pictures to go along with this post but my keyboard on the desk top is messed up and unusable right now and I cant find the cord to  transfer pictures on the lap top... maybe tomorrow.

Today we made the classic reindeer with antlers made from our handprints.  I traced the childrens' feet and they drew in the facial pictures and the we painted our hands brown for the antlers. All in all the turned out really cute.  

I saw so many great things happening with the kids today.

Christian took all the magnet letter on the door and put them in order!
Katie Davis starting coloring in little bitty lines with  lots of color just like her big sister Gracie.  
Gavin was writing in his journal and put " Today is" just like we do in circle time and had a question mark and an exclamation mark too!

It got SO cold today. I am going to rearrange our schedule so that the kids are only out there a half hour at a time with 30 minutes between in groups so Randy can warm up.  Out neighbor gave us a laundry basket full of mittens , gloves and scarves her kids had outgrown and the kids are LOVING staying warm in those!

Good day!


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  1. I enjoy reading your new blog. I tried to get into Memory Maker today and was denied. Is it now private? Enjoy the holidays!