Monday, March 16, 2009

Rainbows and Muffin Tin Mondays

So.. it is a little SIDEWAYS . Let's just call that your challenge for the day!  This is what was on our journal this morning as the kids arrived.  MUFFIN TIN MONDAY!   A lot of homeschooling moms that blog have this trendy thing going on called MUFFIN TIN MONDAY. Each Monday they feed their children lunch in a muffin tin. Sometimes, it is theme oriented. Sometimes it isn't.  but ALL THE TIME it is FUN!

The children fixed their own breakfast this morning. RAINBOW TOAST !

Yummy.....  First they painted their toast with milk  that was tinted with food coloring.  Then , we toasted it. What a treat and what a great color experiment!

Here you see more rainbow fun! 

Randy has been working hard outside to add fun things for the kids to do.   This weekend he added a telescope . The kids loved looking over the fence rail it is attached to for PIRATES!  He also made an acrylic board for outdoor writing. Look at all the words Rosie  has written.  And .. there's another rainbow! 

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