Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Froggy fun!

Welcome back from a long weekend! I heard lots of things that the children did over the weekend. Sounds like everyone had fun!

Today we began our new unit about frogs. We talked in circle time about how frogs grow from tadpoles into frogs and how their bodies change. We read frog books and poems. We sponge painted frogs today and after naptime we cut them out to put on a big lily pad Ms. Beth made.

We played shape/color bingo this morning. Whitlee was the caller and Katie was the checker. It was a lot of fun, and Adam was the first to get a bingo!

Outside, Jaxson and Adam took turns mowing and weed eating. It was too cute! The girls played house and took turns taking whoever was the baby to the doctor. Mykah started us a game of tag, and just about anything was base!

Tomorrow we will continue our study of frogs and their life cycle. Looking forward to lots more fun activities!

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  1. We still have one alive tadpole!! I found out they need dechlorinated water and lettuce to eat. I hope ours turns into a frog this summer! It's still tiny like when we caught it.