Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today was a busy day! Whew! Nothing too special, just alot going on it seemed. Some of the children finished creating the ducks we started yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Debbie has left us workbooks to continue practicing our skills over the summer, and I think all of them worked on them at some point this morning. We talked alot about mud today. We made "clean mud" using grated dove soap, and had fun shredding toilet paper and adding it to the water tub. Tomorrow we will fill it with warm water and see what happens when the soap and toilet tissue dissolve. They are very excited about getting to play in it tomorrow! I told the kids all morning the we were going to eat mud this afternoon. "Ewwww!" was the overwhelming response. In circle time we charted who wanted to eat mud...contrary to what I thought would be the outcome, 5 of our friends sais yes, they wanted to eat mud! After our outside time, we came in to make mud: chocolate pudding and cool whip. We took turns pouring and mixing. They sure do love cooking projects! After nap we will eat our mud by dipping animal crackers in it and pretending they are the animals out of the story One Stuck Duck...yum!

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  1. Awww man. Did Beth seriously just " out " that I left workbooks for the summer? OK, i will explain. I have some kiddos that are going to kindergarten in the fall and need a little boost in fine motor or letter recognition. I found these workbooks - which we NEVER use- and thought since they have an extended day in the classroom that they might LIKE to work in them. They are placed in their cubbies and the children get them out whenever they want to use them.

    Ok... I will stop.

    I am no good at justifying why I bought the kids workbooks for the summer. NOT DAP....