Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quiet Day

Today we were missing three of our friends, so I kept noticing how quiet it was.

We played again in our "clean" mud. Katie said it was "soggy"...good word! Jaden liked that it was warm. Tomorrow will be our last day with it, and then we will go back to our regular water table. We did a science experiment called Sink or Float.

We filled a tub with water and took a guess at whether or not items would sink or float. Pretty simple, huh? The children really enjoyed it. We put all sorts of things in the water a crayon, marker lid, paint brush, hot Wheels car, paper clip, dinosaur, etc. It was a great activity.

We read a non-fiction book about ducks in circle time, and talked about the difference between fiction and non-fiction. We then made a web on our chart paper about what we have learned about ducks this week.

After lunch, we went outside to play. Ms. Beth soon realized while cleaning off the porch that if you want this group of kiddos to shriek, scream and giggle wildly, break out the water hose! We will definitely have to schedule a few water days this summer!


  1. Adam LOVES water days. Last summer the program that he went to had water day once a week. I think that was the only day of the week Adam liked going!

  2. I used to have water days too! Great idea Ms Beth. We already have MUFFIN TIN MONDAY maybe you can add WET WEDNESDAYS! I think it was a great day too, even when the Health Dept surprised you. As I expected, you handled it with professionalism and style. Thanks!