Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a great day!

From Mrs. Beth: This is my very first blog posting EVER, so here goes...

We have had a great day together! I am so excited I get to be here today and tomorrow; it is so much fun for me. I told Debbie this morning that I have been waiting for Thursday all week! Today we did preparations for Mother's Day. We spoke in circle time about our mom's and what they were like when they were little (yes, I explained, YOUR mommy used to be little like you!) Crickets...then I explained that I am a mommy now, but I did used to be little like them. I shared that I used to play soccer, go swimming, and ride bikes with my sisters. Then I had to tell them my sisters' names. And where they live. Adam thought he might know them. Once we got back on track, we took turns imagining what our mommies were like when they were little. Adam and Jaxson think their moms were just "like me" (hmmm....). Christian said his mom used to play hide & seek and play in the rain. Katie L.'s mom apparently used to play "go", which upon further questioning I discovered is her term for Red Light/Green Light. This sparked Gavin to agree that his mom also played "Red Light, Yellow Light, Green Light". Halle's mom apparently also enjoyed games as a child, and Halle thinks she played Duck, Duck, Goose, while Jaden thought her mom might have played hopscotch. Elliot thinks his mom liked to read books and play hopscotch, while Clara thinks she enjoyed riding in wagons. Too funny! Sharae, Mykah, and and Amelia's mom were said to ride bikes when they were little. Rosie claims her mom liked to play dress-up, and I assume that is what Bianca intended when she stated her mom "got dressed" when she was a little girl. Finally Katie D. rounded out our circle time by telling me that when her mom was little, she liked to go to bed!

We got our gift bags ready for tomorrows goodies, and some of the children took it seriously. As their marker-stained hands will prove, they wanted to make gift bags better than Hallmark.

Mrs. Gloria joined us after lunch, and we journaled after naptime before heading home for the day.

Can't wait to do it all again tomorrow. Thanks for having me! ~Beth


  1. Ohhh Beth, I am so excited to have you with Adam this summer.
    I'm surprised he didnt tell you about the time when I was a little girl, I got sick all over my mom and dad while they were sleeping. My mom tells Adam that story everytime they have a sleepover.
    Thanks so much for blogging! It is my break in the middle of the day.

  2. AAww... Here I sit in my hotel room all alone in Jonesboro, teary eyed. Isnt she great? I mean, I am giving her the keys to my house this summer, a debit card for groceries and the children I LOVE, but I am also giving her my blog for 10 weeks. . Beth this post is PERFECT! I am so excited to have you fill in for me this summer. I expect great things ! Thanks for being you.

  3. Haha, I'm thinking that Katie D.'s mom isn't so different now from when she was a little girl. ;)

  4. Okay in my defense....the reason she says this is because we are having a tough time getting her to bed at night for some reason. I always say "I'm so tired, Katie, I can't WAIT to go to bed.." Truth be told, i HATED to go to bed at night when i was a kid. I would hear Johnny Carson talking, and sneak out and sit behind the couch and watch without my parents knowing. shhhh-
    And BETH - you are doing a GREAT job! Katie screamed MISS BETH when she saw you on the porch this morning, and didn't even cry when i left. Thank you for doing such a great job!!!!

  5. Elliot has said quite often "we had a visitor today!" and Clara promptly answers, VERY matter-of factly "ms gworia and ms beff." I think Elliot means the quality inspectors and the observers, but Clara thinks of her new teachers. :) It is cute.