Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Zoo Fun

Today we continued our zoo theme. After playing in centers we went outside to enjoy the great summer weather. The kids had fun in the water table, riding trikes, and moving all (and I do mean all) the toy cars, trucks, trains, tractors, dump trucks, etc. up onto the porch to create their own toy store. They were really enjoying themselves. We came in for circle time, and marked on the calendar all the birthdays we have this month. We marked on the 24th of this month the last day that we will be together for the summer, and we counted the 18 days we have left. Time sure has flown by this summer! We then did our morning message and took a survey of what we do before bedtime, as the zookeeper locks all the cages before he goes to bed in Good Night Gorilla. Of the three options given (read books, watch T.V., and play with toys) we unanimously-6 to 1- watch T.V. before we go to bed. Hmmm...maybe we need to think about that! Then we played a game of animal charades. The kids absolutely loved playing that, and after two rounds, I had to PROMISE that we would definitely play it again tomorrow. We read two zoo books, including a non-fiction book about wild animals that answered some questions we had about certain animals.
We are looking forward to Wet Wednesday tomorrow!

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  1. You guys are having so much fun. I hope you feel better Beth!