Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Wrap up!

Today has been a regular day. We still had the two children that are having a hard time struggle a little as they came in but quickly recovered. We added one today. This precious little girl is the classic text book child. Most children don't get too upset until the 2nd or 3rd day when they realize " I am seriously going to come to this place EVERYDAY?, It's not just like fun city where we go when we want to?" She got over the separation anxiety pretty quickly as well . Monday , they have two days off and we start all over again....Oh joy! :) It will get better though. And remember, Monday we start full days. Drop off at 7:45 and pick up at 3:00.

We made castles today with princesses. It started out as fine motor project as the children put the yarn through holes to make hair. When I saw the children struggling with this we reinvented the days lesson plan and made castles to glue our pre-cut princesses on. On the top we attached black triangles. I think this actually turned out to be a better learning experience than the first one I had planned.

I am having a few back issues today, so thanks for understanding why I was in a chair when you came in -- both times.

The pictures below are just a few ways we add " wonder " to your childs outdoor play experience. Just because they are kids doesn't mean they dont need beauty in their world.


  1. Danny had a great day again today! He is really loving school.. He is so worn out by the time I get home, he is fast asleep in his booster seat! :) I just hope he does as well when he realizes mommy isn't there at lunch time, and then he has to take a nap.. If you need any help, let me know!

  2. im hoping Dillion can get better at droping him off, i feel bad for him and you guys lol, but im sure it will get better. he loves it, he tells us all about school when he gets home. hope your back gets better and hope next week will be easier.

  3. You know I love that playground! Better than any other preschool playground I personally have ever seen!