Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jack and the Bean Stalk

Today has been hectic. I thought yesterday would be crazy since it was our first day without Mrs. Beth's help, but it was relatively calm. I am just guessing this is because we had fewer transitions yesterday and more outside play. Today we stayed on schedule! Well... if you count the fact that we were a little more than 20 minutes late getting down for nap. But, we have to keep pecking away at our routine day by day until it gets easier and easier and all falls into place.

Our fairy tale today was Jack and the Beanstalk. I couldnt find my BIG BOOK ( if you saw my resource room you would know wny...) So, we watched a 10 minute video of the story. I like adding other types of media anyway. After that, we places beans in a baggie with a kleenex and water. We talked about how all living things need sun and water to grow. We taped them on the window so the sun can warm the seeds. Hopefully in a few days , they will sprout!

Funny story about Anna today. I was filling out another piece of paperwork that had to be alphabetized and I said " Anna what is your last name?" " She replied " Anna Banana!" I said " Annnnnaaaa, that isnt your name !" She came back with, " Yes, it is. That is what my mommy calls me!" Conversations like that make me love my job!

All the kids are happy now and transitioned into their new " home".


  1. ooh - hopefully katie doesn't think her real name is Tater Gator Buggy Bug. That'll be awkward on the job application. :P

  2. Or "Whitter McNugget", "Whit Whit Little Bit", etc. Those nicknames may come back to haunt us (or them) someday...+
    I missed being there today and thought of y'all often throughout the day. :(