Saturday, August 29, 2009

Three Kittens

I have always thought of the Three Little Kittens as a nursery rhyme instead of a fairy tale but ... it went with the three's so I threw it in here.

Today we visited my neighbor Cindy's cat. She has kittens that are about 3 weeks old. SO CUTE!

Also, we hung a clothes line so the kids could practice hanging mittens just like the kittens did. Does anyone use a clothesline anymore? I asked the kids had they seen one and Jaden said she has " on TV". So funny.

This is the beginnings of our rhyming lessons. Mittens / kittens

I love it when you see the kids learning.

Another thing we learn in preschool is accidents happen. When we make a mess what do we do? We clean it up. The old saying " no sense in crying over spilt milk " is true. Let's just grab a rag and clean it up. And sometimes... even ask our friends for teamwork!

Whitlee took the linking blocks and said... " Look Ms Debbie , a square !"

Clara's mom stopped by today for an extra hug and we got to see baby Phillip! He is So cute!

Modeling the 3D art yesterday was a success. Many of the children created cool things today!

We started signing in today with stickers .

Dont forget tonight at 6:30 is a parent workshop ! It is FREE ! Bring a friend ! The workshop is about how you can help your preschooler learn and it will last an hour! DOOR PRIZES!


  1. I still use a clothesline--my aide thinks I'm crazy.

  2. Um...did I miss the door prizes? Hmmm... also, no cookies! How DARE you?;)