Thursday, September 17, 2009

Red or Green?

Today has been a normal day. Some of the fun we had:

Randy put together a floor puzzle with some of the kids.

We stamped red CIRCLES ( apples ) on a sheet of paper with big A's and little a's on.

I also included another picture of one of our table games. The apple with little worms sticking out is one of their favorite games this week. The worms fit down into the apple and the go up and down. The tips of the worms are different colors. The kids try to pull out " matching" worms.

We also did another graph. We ate red and green apple slices and graphed which we liked the best. THis is a great way to talk about most and least, which most.... of the kids missed on the assessments I just did. A plus that I did not expect was this: Let's put your apples on TOP of the other apple.

YAY for recognizing teachable moments!

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