Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another Mommy Visitor!

Today we had another mommy visitor. The kids loved having Katie's mom come play. I am always happy to have moms plan to play, it gives them a good idea of how we learn!

One of the activities available today was using stickers to make a fall tree. Not everyone decided to make one but the kids that did had a great time AND we got some gorgeous fall trees to hang in our room - or on your fridge.

The first group of kiddos that played outside got rained on! So.. of course we sang some rain songs:

Rain Rain GO Away , Come again another day. Little children want to play.


If all the raindrops were gummy bears and gum drops , oh what a rain that would be!


Rain drops keep falling on my head


It's raining it's pouring , the old man is snoring....

Lots of fun today. The pumpkin and golf tees remained a big hit.

Reminder for tomorrow! Wear ORANGE if you have it. You MAY bring something , but it isnt expected. If you pick up before 2:45 your child may miss his special Halloween treat! ( Cupcakes!)

There probably wont be a blog tomorrow unless Ms Beth decides to do it. Randy and I will be out of town. :)

Next week we are doing a unit on " My Body!"

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