Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What Falls in the Fall?

Today, a little more stress free, we started our fall unit. The carpet is laid and nothing.. nothing... is put back in place but hey.. new carpet has to be worth a little turmoil, right. I know the kids enjoyed the carpet that was laid in the dress-up room.

Some of the new fall activities are:

I bought some fall buttons ( leaves, fall colors ) and they can sort them into a little bin.

There is a new patterning game for fall.

I have a collection of gourds on the table to explore.

Those are just a FEW of the new things out for this unit. I will post pictures when I find my camera. ( dont.. laugh...)

The past two days we have read the book " The Leaves are Falling Down" It is what I call a song / book. You can actually sing the whole story. The kids like the part that says " FLY FLY FLY!"

We also started a new playlist on our IPOD today. We are singing:

Stand up Sit down - A FUN movement song
A new ABC song... to be honest it is a little annoying..
The Five Little Pumpkins
The Good Bye Song

Here are the words to " The Five Pumkins Song". It is a chant as old as dirt! :)

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