Friday, November 6, 2009

Another mommy visitor

Bianca playing with a basket of goodies I put on the table. Each day I add new things for them to " create " with. We have an easel and an art center but this just gives them one more opportunity.

I added this picture today to the dramatic play area. I love changing things up for them. Adding a sense of wonder about other cultures.

Anna's mom came to read.

Dillion reading a story.

I love it when mommy visitors come to play. Ellen even took my laminator home to get some file folder games pieces ready to use. Thanks ELLEN!
I wonder if the pilgrims and indians ever places their logs in a square..
Anna on a horse of course.
Indian puppet!
building with logs!
A new puzzle with a cooking picture on it.

Another one of the songs we are singing this week is " Row Row Row Your Boat"

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  1. Hey!!! I had fun reading your blog.. It took me a long time to get out of the habit of checking it every day, so now when I do, I daydream about Kayla being in your class next year. Adam had an amazing report card, and I give you most of the credit. You have done an amazing job!!