Thursday, November 12, 2009

Library Story Time

Today has been a day.. :)

You can see from the pictures that we visited the library and the park. Last year we did not visit the library during story hour at all. The groups that attend are very small and family like. That is a nice way to say, I am not sure they are totally pleased that we invade their space with 15 little ones. I would like to report though that our children were the best behaved in the group. I was so proud of them ! But Randy and I were good listeners too. Some times in order for kids to know how to act in a group social setting like story hour , you have to model. Many of the moms were having conversations and being disruptive. I felt sorry for Ms Laura. The kids did seem to enjoy the stories and the songs. She did " She'll be coming around the Mountain " and " The Turkey Wobble".

Before leaving for the park and the library the kids were being very creative. Look at the name tags they were making . There was also lots of music and painting.

Another fall day.... fun day.


  1. Hey.. Looks like they had another amazing day. Danny said he had fun. I love all the pictures!! Are you thinking of making a new thing out of going to story time? If so, I'd like to come along once.. Danny does exactly what you do when you read to them. Holds the book up so everyone can see, and tells us where the title page is.. He is learning so much from you guys! Can't wait til it's Michaels turn to come. :)

  2. Thanks Michelle, that means a lot. I don't think we will make it a routine to go to story time. Maybe we could ask Mrs. Laura to come here!

  3. :) Good to see that Whitlee can hang from the monkey bars all on her own. We have been working on that for awhile, and she asks me to hold her feet to get her across. Funny how brave she is when I am not around!