Monday, November 2, 2009

What a beautiful day to begin giving thanks!

Today has been an beautiful day . The weather is amazing. I love days that surprise us and give the kids more time to enjoy the outdoors before winter arrives.

You see pictures here of two boys playing with the leap frog letters and numbers. You can also see Jaxson practicing being a daddy one day~ and Clara - always the mommy!

I love to see SUPER HEROS reading. Notice Danny's cape...

Rarely do Randy and I go away for the weekend that it is not about business - preschool or music. This trip was fun but I also got in a little shopping. Check out the wooden shoes I picked up at a resale shop from Holland. I am always adding things like this to the playroom to create a sense of wonder about other cultures for the kids. If you are an avid yard saler and you see goodies for me, please pick them up and I will refund your money! :)

Look how Bianca can cut her own paper for the easel now.

I watched Dillion for a while today. Every where he played he put his toys away before he left. Great job , Dillion.

Just when I thought the meals I hated most to clean up were spaghette and tacos - I found another one to add to the list. BOILED EGGS. We have had these before but usually we peel them for the kids. Today, we let them do it. GREAT fine motor practice. It will be a while before we do this again....

Today as I tied Audrey's shoes she said " Ms Debbie, I saw her ( Kynley) when I was trick or treating."

Debbie - What was she wearing?

Audrey - A puppy dog

Debbie- Did you speak?

Audrey - No, I was scared. ( BIG grin. )

We had a severe weather / tornado drill today. I was so proud of the kids they all knew exactly where to go.

I am singing at an event at my church Tuesday evening and I was practicing. From the corner I hear the sweetest sound " Lord, you are more precious than Silver...." Anna had been listening and it stuck in her head. I will let you think about that one for a bit. Music is powerful.

Here's to a great week.


  1. Devin (Audreys mommy)November 2, 2009 at 7:58 PM

    haha audrey is so crazy, she loves her friends though!!

  2. now why cant dillion do this at home lol