Saturday, December 26, 2009

Another Dog, really?

We are out of school until the 4th of January but I am hoping my preschool friends are still checking this ever once in a while. I have news!

Remember the Pomeranian... ? I let him out to potty last Friday morning and he disappeared. Long story - short he ended up at my sister in laws house ( her son is the one that originally put the abandoned pup in our house. ) She didnt keep her and the man that found her took her to the animal shelter. I had called there to see if anyone had called looking for one. Thirty minutes later they called and said they had found " MY pomeranian". HE ISNT MY POMERANIAN! :)

Fast forward past the funeral.

Danielle and I are out shopping and Randy says to " Hurry home, he has a surprise for me." I called my mom and she said the same thing. So we hurry home. Geneviette ( the four year old grandbaby ) is at the fence with her arms stretched out as far as they will go yelling " Don't look ! It's a puppy and it's for Christmas!"

Seems the neighbor heard about our plight with the pomeranian and thought we really wanted a dog. Some elderly people around the block had a dog they couldnt take care of and thought we would make a good home. Lydia said " God has blessed you with this dog." I think Randy was so shocked he didnt know what to say... and how do you argue with God ?

So.. meet Fred. Fred is here to stay and fits in our home so well. He is great with
Geneviette which hopefully means he will be great when preschool starts. I have already emailed our environmental rating scale observer about the implications of having a dog in the home with the kids. We will make it work.

I love Fred already.


  1. Haha I love the comment " Don't look ! It's a puppy and it's for Christmas!"

  2. Oh Ms Debbie!! How adorable!! My in-laws had a little Maltese like Fred and she was the best thing that could have happened to them. I think Fred will bring your preschool so much joy... my Shea & Ruby have given my little ones such joy, fun & most of all responsiblity. Good Luck and Fred is soooo lucky to have found you!!

  3. What a cutie! I love animals, too. I had always had some little critter in the classroom...and in daycares there was usually a dog.
    I think it's great.

  4. Anna says, "Dear Miss Debbie, I like the way that your puppy is at your house. I would like to come to preschool now and see it. Love, Anna"

  5. Hi, Debbie! Happy New Year! I have a little surprise for you! I gave you The Sunshine Award! Check it out :-)