Thursday, January 28, 2010

Be careful little eyes what you see

Today we talked about our eyes. The kids cut out eyes to make a collage. Cutting is still very difficult for some of my kiddos. If you are a mommy and you are reading this... some cutting experiences at home would be great ! Whitlee was excited that she found a HUGE eye !

I had planned a fun day tomorrow with some things as a review for our five senses but since it looks like it will snow.. we did some of them today. Yes. moms, this little horn will be coming home with your child. You too.. can enjoy the sense of hearing.

Since we were doing sight today we couldnt resist pulling " Brown Bear Brown Bear " out again. We have a song that goes with it and it is one of the kids FAVORITES!

We made a graph of eye colors!
We played the game where you try to remember what was on the tray and then the teacher takes something away. Good practice for the eyes and the brain!
We used our eyes to figure out what the picture was as we took away one post it note at a time !
We played BROWN BEAR BINGO using our eyes... and reviewing our colors !
This is a shadow game from brown bear !

Clara enjoying one of the Honduran dresses that Rosanna's mom brought.

Another Brown Bear game... matching the letter tiles to the color words .

We did have a fun day.

Anna's mom called to say that she watched and it looks like the " ice storm will hit around 1:30". I then told Randy what she had said. When Anna's mom arrived early to pick up Anna Bianca says " when are we gonna get hit by ice." It took me a while to process why she said that... She had over heard my conversation. Children are so literal. :)

Tomorrow, if it ices and schools are closed, please call ahead to see if anyone is here IF you NEED to get out. Playing here is more fun if there are more friends.

Enjoy our favorite version of " The Hokey Pokey ".


  1. Loved their Hokey Pokey!! I also loved the post-it note game - what great ideas you have!

  2. sweet video...they were having so much fun!

  3. Love all the activities you came up with! It looks like they had a lot of fun... Hope that ice storm isn't tooo bad!! We have one coming our way tomorrow too, I am looking forward to a day on the couch :)

  4. i heard your happy and you know it song. what cd is that? i really like that version!