Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Candy and Math

Busy day today. Even though the sun was shining SO bright it was very very cold outside. The kids loved playing with the playdoh and those ( darn) bells. Dillion has found a new love of doing puzzles. Many times through the day you will see him take one off the shelf.

We used cardboard hearts to play the " Heart Hokey Pokey" and then we found our friends with matching hearts. In small groups today we had a graphing activity with Sweetheart candies. As I sit and do these activities with the kids , I remember it is SO much more than just graphing. In the picture above, I told the little girl to put her pink one ABOVE her other candy. She did.... Not exactly what I meant, but she did know what above means.We talked about more and less and zero . ( These boxes had no white ones.) We also counted the candies and used problem solving . There were blue candies in the box but no space for a blue . What can we do?

The loft is a popular place lately. There are game and books up there. It is an old bunkbed that we re-purposed . The bottom is our art center.
Whew.. that looks busy...
The kids LOVE cereal day.
That is a tape measure across the room and the kids are playing LIMBO under it.
Measuring the door.

Busy busy.. day.


  1. I love your music set up next to the (darn) :)bells!! I also love that your loft is a re purposed bunk bed... not that I have enough room, but I would love to have one. As for all those creative ideas... I seem to remember getting quite a few from you!!!