Thursday, February 25, 2010

Teachable Moments

Today was a PERFECT day. If a preschool teacher hit the jackpot, today would be it ! Let me tell you about my day.. so exciting!
We are still talking about transportation and we made these trains this morning in small group . We put all the letter of our name in order. The kids love these. I have them hanging on the wall right now, but they will go home soon!

Last night Randy and I were at Pinnacle and went to Borders. The WORSE place for me and my checkbook to be is a bookstore. So... I came home with new goodies for the table today. The boys love the books that have wheels. The girls loved the new set of 4 small wooden puzzles in a box.

Another choice on the table today was a book to use blocks to make a pattern.

We have permission in the paperwork that we sign at the beginning of the year to take spontaneous field trips . This is the BEST part of family child care. We are small enough to appreciate where we are and decide what is best for the kids " that day." I have wanted to walk to the train tracks for two days but it was a bit cold . This morning we decided today was the day! After circle time and reading books about trains, we bundled up and off we went. Walks are great. It gives us a chance to reinforce safety. We also find many interesting things on our walk - shapes- numbers- people and animals. So.... here we go walking past the hospital headed to the train tracks. We are about two blocks away and we hear a train horn. OH NO! We start walking as quickly as we can.... We can see it.. but not up close! Oh PLEASE Mr Train, make our day and slow down so we get to see you!

Can you see the train in the distance? We missed it.

We sat on the train tracks. We played on the train tracks. We balanced on the train tracks.


A TRAIN CAME~!!!!!!!
They went very slow and waved to us!
Then they stopped at the rail road crossing.

And came back by on the tracks closest to us. It was SO AWESOME! They unhooked the engine and went down to pick up more train cars.
This is the engine.
The cars had numbers and letters on them.
We counted the cars as they passed by us.
Trains wheels look different.
This is how they hook to each other !
And then... the driver even got off and talk to us. He told us they were carrying corn to the Decatur and corn syrup to the LITTLE DEBBIE plant. We like Little Debbie's ! Mr. Randy asked him how he knew which cars to pick up and he showed him a list ! He said they go about 40 miles per hour through Siloam.
He even let us ask questions!
And then we got to touch it!

After lunch we drew in our journals about our exciting day!

Wow.. what a perfect day. Perfect... day...


  1. WOW! That was a special day! I'm so happy that the train conductor talked to the kiddo's! Amazing how things like this happen in our little town in Siloam

  2. Oh my couldn't have planned it that well! And they got to TOUCH the train?!? I can't even imagine anything more exciting for preschoolers!!! What a fabulous day!

  3. Whitlee was so excited to tell her big brother all about it (maybe bragging?)

  4. Clara told me all about the train conductor and everything he was wearing and that he looked like Uncle Jason (my sister's clean-shaven 28 year old husband, LOL). She said the train was carrying corn and CARS. What an awesome time you guys had! I hope you also sang the song about the sad state of affairs for the peanut who sat on the railroad tracks. :)

  5. Ms Debbie & Mr Randy... You Are To Cool!!! We have the BEST job in the WORLD!!! Your kids are lucky to have you too!!!

  6. What an awesome experience for the kids! Talk about a teachable moment! Kudos! :)

  7. It was the BEST day ever. And Jessica, we didnt sing a peanut sat on a rail road track but Randy did do a mean Johnny Cash.... what is the name of that song... ? I hear that train a comin... it's comin round the track...

  8. Anna was just excited that she found a dirty penny on the walk...

  9. Ellen, I forgot to look when we got him, was it a penny or a nickel?

  10. I am crying right now as I see this post. Nolan tells us nothing about his days and I have no idea what to say to probe it out of him. He's been talking about trains and the only thing I could think of was The Polar Express...I thought, man, he really liked that. I can't wait to jump in the car and ask him about seeing a real train. Gotta love boys...they don't go into all the details like us girls do.

  11. A very dirty penny that she is very proud of.

  12. I guess my girls will have to go to cousin Anna's and Auntie Ellen's to get Little Debbie's from now on!!! Corn syrup....eek!