Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What has Wheels?

We have packed all the Valentines and Chinese New Year things away. In it's place I have put lots of items so we can explore different modes of transportation. Today in circle time we discussed " what has wheels?" I was really impressed with the amount of answers I got. I could almost SEE them thinking. Some answers I got that I wasn't expecting are: wheel chairs and strollers. What a smart group of kiddos!

We are using the pocket chart to "read" !

Kynley's picture of a car coming through a tunnel ! WOW!
Using vehicles to make tires tracks on paper with paint .

We learn to help each other.
Playdoh is always a favorite. I change out the cutters to go with our "theme". The next 2 or 3 weeks that will be transportation.
Purple sand
Randy put a new light in the loft so we can read easier.
For our quality setting we must have a " collection" of some type for the science /nature section. I hate to just put things out. I want to tie them all together. So, last night I decided to make a collection of surfaces that we drive on. There is gravel, sand and a piece of concrete. Fail..... HUGE mess and not very functional . Anyone else have an idea for a this area?
Sorting matchbox cars on a color wheel.


  1. I love the wheel idea! My son would love this! I am putting it down on my tot school list! Thanks!

  2. Sorry, I'm no help either. I seriously struggle in the collection area too, because like you I want to tie it all together. I usually fail miserably. However, your idea, even if it didn't work, has me looking at collections in a completely different way now.
    I seriously think purple sand is the coolest! We have it in one of our outside sandboxes...which I hope to see again in a couple months (when the snow melts)!
    I'm also kicking myself whenever I see your loft. We used to have the same bunkbed set, that we turned into a loft for my son's room. When he got too big for it a few years ago...it never occurred to me to move it to the playroom.