Friday, March 5, 2010

Horses Of course !

Isn't the weather awesome today. It was a " take our jackets off" kind of day!

One of the three year olds was writing in his journal and I heard him say " Mc Donalds!" I asked him was drawing Md Donalds and he pointed to the M he had made and said " Mmm". Made my day. Light Bulb moments are great !
Today we concluded our transportation unit. I think the kids have really enjoyed this time we have spent looking at all the ways we travel. For small group today we took the felt board pieces and the " transportation " pieces and the kids sorted them where they belong. A non appropriate way to do this type of activity would be hand them a work sheet to color or cut out or draw lines from one thing to another. This is a more appropriate way to play and find out what they know. I asked the kids in circle time what is their favorite thing they we have done lately. Some kids said the train visit and some said the ramp. Hands on / real experiences - this is what kids remember.
I got a new wonderful sorting basket at the thrift store yesterday afternoon. I know.. it looks like a chip and dips bowl but you are mistaken! I find the BEST teaching aids at the thrift store. Today Danny sorted the cars by color.
Happy Friday !


  1. "it looks like a chip and dips bowl but you are mistaken"...that just put me in a complete fit of giggles!
    I'm really, really jealous about the jackets hanging on the fence. I'm afraid we've got a long time before that's happening.

  2. I love finding odd things to encourage sorting too. I'll use just about anything that has sections, like those divided boxes classroom packs of crayons, markers for chalk come in. I'm going to be on the lookout for a chip n dip . . . I mean sorting basket like this one.

  3. Love the picture! He seems to be doing a lot better this week. The mornings are still a bit tough, but I think he will get back in routine. Randy told gma he noticed a real difference already. I am loving it!

  4. I have seen a lot of those sorting trays somewhere... ona shelf... all togther... hmmm. Perhaps it will come to me.

  5. I love how you assessed the kids... hands on experiences are soooo much better. They really do retain so much more :) I, too, LOVE the thrift shops, consignment shops! They have the best assortment of trays and cha-keys at the best prices!! Great Unit you did on Transportation!!