Thursday, March 11, 2010

Once upon a rainbow

Somewhere, over the rainbow....

After the kiddos finished up their leprechaun pictures from yesterday, we started a collaborative rainbow project !

It was during free choice time so there were other activities going on at the same time. Here is someones wonderful picture they were working on.

Dillion was proud of his stacked rainbow.

And the work begins. For the green we used fake grass. The yellow was yard, the red was torn tissue paper, the orange was foam stickers , the blue was glitter and the purple was paint.

They worked so hard.

And when we hung it up they thought it was beautiful.

Randy took the camera outside today and took some pictures for a while. He has worked hard to make sure there are many opportunities for the children to choose from outside.

Geneviette and Rosanna are drawing on a write on wipe off board he has attached to the fence.

Basketball is always a favorite !

We can balance on the beams around our dirt pile. Yes.. I said dirt pile.

Audrey is playing in the music center Randy created outside.

Rosanna is taking a break to read a book on the porch. Don't you LOVE that we have a front porch they can sit on and relax ?

Sand Box

Ahoy Matey!

This is inside the playhouse... and it sums it all up.

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  1. I think your Rainbow is Beautiful too!! They really did a great job!! I also love your outdoor choices, the music area is great!! I LOVE you sensory table with the 2 boxes... what a great idea. The ability to allow for such a wonderful rythme to your day is a testament to how much you love what you do. I love your posts!!