Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flashlight fun!

Today was another fun day with Mrs. Beth and Mr. Randy.
The sun was shining and the wind was blowing (hard!) and we had a fun day playing and learning at school!
Today we read yet another Eric Carle story entitled The Very Lonely Firefly. It was a story of a firefly lighting his light to search for a friend. As he flies all around lighting his light and looking for firefly friends he comes across all sorts of lights that are not fireflies. (Lightbulbs, lanterns, flashlights, etc.) He finally comes to find a group of friends...fellow fireflies! We read the story once and the children loved the surprise at the end. The book lights up! The page twinkled as all the fireflies light up. ("I did not know a book could have batteries!" one child exclaimed). Then we each got a flashlight and as we re-read the story we turned our flashlights on every time we heard the word "light". Then we would turn them off and listen some more. The children loved this, and better yet, the flashlight is theirs to keep!
We had a great day today. Mrs. Debbie is planning on being back again tomorrow!

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