Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I was SO thrilled to look at my lesson plans and see that today we were talking about " wind." I dont think we could have had better timing with the " wind advisory" that was issued this morning until 9 PM tonight. Right as we started a science experiment, we had company come in. Orrin ( Sorry if I spelled that wrong mom .. ) came to visit with his mother and little brother. Rhonda is checking us out for next year. I think I only have one slot left for next year. That's a great feeling. As we talked, Randy helped watch his little brother. At this point Randy was saying " Mom , I think maybe he pottied in his pants..." :) After Orrin when out the door he turned around and peeked through the door to catch one more glimpse. I hope he liked us.

A couple of the table activities I have out this week are spring themed erasers for sorting and using the tongs to transfer. Another one is the tinkerbell head. The girls are LOVING fixing her hair. I found her this weekend while out thrifting ( My FAVORITE way to get teaching aids) . She has flowers around her base and I thought it would be perfect for Spring.

We did a little science experiment today . I asked the kids could they SEE wind. Their reply was Yes. I said " Can you tell me what it looks like?" They were stumped. Finally we came to the conclusion you could see the effects of the wind like the trees blowing and you could FEEL the wind .. but you cannot see it. We played with a fan for a while. We tested different things to see what would blow and what would not. THEY LOVED THIS.

After all the experiment we read a book called " The Kite" and then we made some of our own.

Outside we saw our flowers blow.

Then,we went outside to fly kites. Sometimes it is BORING to wait your turn.

But when it is your turn, it is fun !

Jessica saved me this morning. I thought we had a kite but we didnt. She brought her kites by. ( Jessica, I owe you two. With 13 kids, they got a little tangled near the end.. sorry. ) She also brought bubbles. I love how I took a picture of Katie right as a bubble passed her face.

Randy has loved working with the kids with tools.

Girl talk

In circle time today we did more of our ALs Pals - do you remember the social / emotional curriculum I am trying out? Todays lesson was on noticing the differences in people and respecting them. Also, knowing that since we are all different sometimes things may happen or people may so or do something that " annoys" us. We talked about what " annoy" means and how to deal with that . The children reminded me that we have the loft to go to - so people cant " annoy" us and we could use the calm down steps. I reminded them that we can always just use our words and say " When you...________ it annoys me. Could you please stop?" So, if your child uses the word " annoy" you will know where it came from. Recognizing our feelings and or reactions to other people's feelings is powerful - much more so than knowing how to spell our name. Just sayin... :)


  1. Great post about wind activities, but I love the last part when you talk about learning social/emotional skills. That is such an important part of what we do each and every day as preschool teachers. :)

  2. "Recognizing our feelings and or reactions to other people's feelings is powerful - much more so than knowing how to spell our name. Just sayin... :)" ...I agree and am grateful b/c well, we haven't mastered the name yet. :) Love what you do!

  3. The name will come... :) Thanks for the comment Emilee, you are a stealth mom.. :)