Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fishes, Frogs, and Toads

We had a great day today...let me first off just say how awesome Mrs. Jodie is. She is so wonderful to be teaching with these past few days. The kids adore her. I love getting to work with her. That said, we had another great day. We opted not to take any field trips today :)
I small group this morning, we sorted colored goldfish crackers. It is amazing how fast the kids sorted them knowing that they could eat them once they were done. We also had am impromptu braiding salon for the girlies with Mrs. Beth and Mrs. Jodie. It all started with one braid...and then every girl wanted one. It was very cute to see the girls comparing their braids with friends while we played. We finished our projects as well this morning with Mrs. Jodie. She is a crafty gal. I appreciate her for getting everything put together. In circle time, we read the book Jump, Frog, Jump! that Mrs. Beth got from the library yesterday. We introduced the story Monday on the felt board, and today read the book. We also read a Frog and Toad story. We will continue to read these short stories tomorrow. We practiced our water songs and movements as well. We finished by doing "My Mother is a Baker" action songs from Dr. Jean. They really liked it. I think we will be hearing a lot of requests for it from now on.

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  1. So proud and thankful for you girls. Keep it up. It is nice to be here spending moms last hours with her and knowing my kids are taken care of.