Monday, May 10, 2010

Rainy Day Toys!

It's fun to see how much the children enjoy a rainy day. From the time we were eating breakfast this morning there was talk of the rainy day toys. These are gross motor activities that take place of our outside time in the case of inclement weather. The rainy and cold today is the perfect example of one of the times we use our rainy day toys. They were very excited to get to use them today. There is bowling, hopscotch, sand, stilt walkers, soft indoor balls, egg races, and other fun things. We enjoyed the opportunity to get them out today, but wonder if the forecast for rain all week will cause the excitement to wear off. I guess we will find out soon enough!

We began our study of the ocean today. There were all new table toys and manipulatives put out this morning, as well as new puppets, soft toys, books, and dress up clothes to be played with. We read Tickly Octopus in circle time as well as introduced a new finger play, The 5 Little Fish. Mrs. Jodie did a science experiment with small groups-sink or float with both fresh water and salt water. It was easy finding things that float, but tougher to find things that sink!

Tomorrow we will have some fun with a beach ball, as well as discovetr things we see on the beach. I can only assume we will also be getting out the rainy day toys...

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  1. We have been working on our Rainy Day box... we have hopscotch, bowling, and twister so far. I never thought about stilt walkers... great idea.