Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day 2010

For a first day back , I think our day went really well. This morning we only had one " runner" , but after talking to her and calming her down the rest of her day went smooth. I have one sitting up asleep right now . :) I have patted and talked and played music but he insist that he isnt tired " He wants his mommy and daddy." Poor little guys, it is tough to come to a strange place and lay down. I dont blame him. Probably the way I feel in a Motel 6. :)

On Mondays I TRY To have MUFFIN TIN MONDAY. That day whatever we eat for lunch is served in a muffin tin. Today it was chicken nuggets, tater tots, carrots and a roll and milk. We always have milk for breakfast and lunch.

Here is a quick video you can enjoy of a glimpse into our day.

I know letting go is difficult. I can tell you that I volunteered at Northside last week and Mrs. Braun said " It is amazing what preschool does for a child. There is such a difference between a child that has been and one that has not. " So, rest assured moms, dads and grandma's (wink ) that this is the right thing. It is harder on you than on your little one.

We took tons of pictures today. Instead of uploading them all here , I put them in an album . You can see SOME of the Here ! ( Click the word here! ) It said I had reached my maximum on that album so if I have time tonight , I will make another album and put the link on here tomorrow.

I look forward to tomorrow. Now that the first day has come and almost gone I think I will take a couple days to rest. The carpet cleaner is coming this afternoon ; which needed to be done last week. After a couple days rest I will paint the wall our art work goes on, go through your folders and make sure you have everything, hook the printer up so I can send more paper work home ( I know.. you love it ! ) and many other things on my list. For today, I am excited that we opened on time and WITH toilets, and for the most part everyone had a great day. IMPORTANT reminder for new folks. The second day of drop off is harder for the kids than the first one was for you. Be prepared to leave them possibly upset and have confidence that I will help them through it and we will all be ok.

Thanks for trusting us with your little ones.


  1. Wow! I'm exhausted just watching the video! And how are you not in just a constant state of the giggles around Mr. Randy?!?
    I couldn't get the picture link to open.

  2. Sounds like you guys had an amazing day!! Danny loved being back! :-) Let me know if you need anything!!

  3. Devin (Audrey's mommy)August 23, 2010 at 2:29 PM

    looks like it was a great first day!! oh and the kitchen looks awesome!! I love it!