Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Little Old Lady

One of the kids favorite books is called " The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything." It has lots of predictive text in it . Today we decided to add some props and actions to the story.

The pants go wiggle wiggle...

The shirt goes shake , shake...

The two white gloves go clap, clap

Two shoes go clomp , clomp...

The hat goes nod , nod...

And in the end ( not sure why there is no picture ) the very big, very orange pumpkin head goes BOO!

We made a picture of a house today with shapes. Drawing this is a nice little shapes review. I am not the best artist. When I did this activity with the second group and drew my circle for the tree and said.. " what shape is this ?" William busted me out and said " OVAL!" He was right...

One of our matching games today.

Cohen brought a HUGE praying mantis to school today.

Using letter tiles to make words.

Matching pumpkin faces

The book we read. This is a great book. Very simple but tells the story of how a house is built.

We did a tracing activity today so I would see first hand which children are still struggling with the right way to hold a marker for writing. The fist grip you see below is typical for a three year old. I did reinforce for the three year olds how to hold the marker and helped them but it is still difficult for many.

Below you can see we talked about rulers . We used them to measure and then we used them to draw a straight line .

Below you can see the perfect grip for writing.

We talked about non standard measure. Non standard measure is when we just something other than a ruler or tape to measure. How many times have you walked off the room to see how big it is ? That is non standard measure. We talked about which twer of blocks was taller and which was shorter. We talked about the terms most and least.

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