Monday, November 15, 2010

Families and Thanksgiving

Today we started talking about families and the approaching holidays. The kids always love it when I change out units. They find many new things to interact with . When I think about their excitement I remember there are kids that stay in one room every day and their materials never get rotated or changed out. How sad... Makes me want to go shopping for more! :)

These little guys are playing with a box of dice. Picture this group several years down the road. Looks like a hot game of street poker...

I have had a alphabet sorter rack for a long time but it was huge and bulky and I rarely got it out. I wanted to make it more accessible to the kids so I adapted with something that I already had. I took a nuts and bolts organizer and put letters on the drawers . Inside the drawers are little items that begin with the letters . Fun Stuff !

Patterning !

Some activities on the table today.

Matching shapes on a cornucopia.

New Books !

Sorting fall colored buttons

Using letter turkeys to dish up our names !

How many leaves on the tree ?

Sensory tub ! Match the turkey feathers.

Roll the dice and put that many pom poms on the turkey !

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