Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fruit Salad.. Yummy Yummy !

Today we talked about fruit and vegetables. This year I have a group of kids that LOVE fresh veggies. One day when we were making a list for a shopping trip for snack their first request was cucumbers. Just last night Geneviette was asked what she wanted for dessert and her choice was ice cream, strawberries and olives !

Today we tasted 10 different fruits that aren't on our menu on a consistent basis. They were FRESH pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe, plum, pomegranate, mango, fresh peach, kiwi, fresh pear and a nectarine. Some of these such as pears, peaches and pineapples we have often but usually they are canned. If you have never had a FRESH pineapple, you are missing out. WOW! It is like eating a piece of candy.

We graphed who liked what and then compared them. Lots of counting and estimating went on. We were able to use the terms least and most..... those are two terms on our assessments that many kids miss.

Have you seen these nifty pineapple cutters. They are like the small apple corer. cutter type utensils. Love it !

Have the kids mentioned to you that we have new trikes ? We have made an order of over 1000.00 to buy some new equipment and 4 trikes were part of that. They are loving it !

Other fun going on outside.

All in a days work....

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  1. I love your outdoor space... I need to make a track out of pavers for the kids to ride bikes on. Maybe that will be our Spring Project this year. Those bikes look great. Very sturdy! Have fun with them!!