Monday, November 22, 2010

Tylenol ?

Today - Do you ever have a day that you look in the mirror and say " I KNEW better than that ?"

All 16 of our munchkins were here today. The morning went smooth. Autum's dad and mom came around 10:00 to talk about his Indian culture. He brought arrow heads, indian jewelry and a dream catcher. The kids passed around the pieces and were able to ask him questions. Most kids think of an Indian - like we see in the books with the pilgrims. As a matter of fact , Autum is convinced her daddy is not an Indian. ( I asked him was he ok with Indian or offended by the use of that word and he said no. ) I love it when we have opportunities like that to show the kids " real" things.

Then... it all fell apart.

All I am gonna say if I loathe teacher directed crafts. The kids do not learn anything or little from them except to follow directions and be patient. But their head bands are cute...

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  1. Oh Yes, we have all had those kinds of days. There is always tomorrow :)