Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to Jesus !

Today the kids had a blast with Jodie. We were all around until noon. So I got to see some of the fun. The kids made a birthday cake for Jesus in the kitchen and even decorated it . They walked to the flower shop and bought Randy and I a Christmas surprise. ( VERY sweet Jodie- thanks! ) They also played some learning games with Mary , Joseph and Jesus. They used cut outs of them to pattern and also made Happy Birthday Jesus cards.

The conversation I heard from the playroom was SO funny. Sometimes it is entertaining to listen to other adults try to explain or get out of sticky conversations. For instance :

Child - Ms Jodie how will these cards get to Jesus?
Ms J - Well, I guess you will take them to your mom or dad and they will mail them.
Child - To where, where is Jesus now ?
Ms. J - He is in the sky , in Heaven.
Child- In Heaven ?
Ms J - Yep !
Child- Can't we just give them to the post man ?
Ms J - Umm... Well, I guess we COULD..... uh...
Child - The postman delivers mail , he could take them to Heaven for us.

Mrs. Jodie also told me about this one :

William; Knock Knock
Malia -Who's there?
William - Banana
Malia- Come in Banana!
William You are SUPPOSED TO say... Banana WHO?
Malia - Come in Banana Who
William - ( grabs head and makes a very frustrated sound... )

Kids... I never get tired of listening to them learn to navigate life and their relationships.

I have had a wonderful little mini vacation with both of my kids here for Christmas. Thanks Ms Jodie for working and thanks parents for understanding I needed to be with my family. Merry Christmas to you all and I will see you Monday January 3rd.

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