Friday, December 17, 2010

Polar Express 2010

Here is a link to all our pictures today! HERE!

As the kids come in they sit in our makeshift train . We turn the tables the long way end to end and chairs down the sides. They are given a ticket. After everyone gets to school the conductor comes down and punches tickets. We start the movie and stop at various places to do an activity that goes with the movie. For example , after the hot chocolate scene Randy recreates the scene and delivers the kids breakfast. After the reindeer scene we stopped the movie and made reindeer. It was a good day.

Also, today is Friday Flicks day... We have three !

Randy doing the hot chocolate scene - tilt your head, I dont know how to fix it ! :)

Friends rooting Audrey on as she ice skates !


  1. Can you please tell me more about the activities you do to go along with the movie? I do much the same thing in my classroom, with the lines of chairs, pajamas, and tickets, but I never thought of stopping the movie to do activities! At the end, I have everyone look under their chair and there is a small bell taped there. Do you do that? Thanks for all the wonderful ideas here!

  2. As soon as the kids come in they sit at the table that has been " turned into " a train. " They are also given a Polar Express ticket that I print off. There are MANY out there - just google it. While waiting on all the children to board the train, there are crayons etc on the table to decorate their ticket with. THey also all wear PJ's to school. Randy dresses like a conductor and punches the tickets and then we start the movie. Every year I stop and some of the same places and some different. We dont normally watch any TV at school so the kids are not used to ha
    ving to sit that long. Breaking the movie up also gives me the opportunity to do a little teaching. Some places I stop are :

    Hot chocolate scene - they get served breakfast with hot chocolate
    When the train runs into the reindeer - do a reindeer craft
    When the train slides on the ice - ice skate with wax paper
    When the tree is revealed do a tree craft
    At some point stop and play Conductor says
    At the end give the kids bells that have been stored in the freezer ( aka the north pole. ) THis is also when we give them gifts from Randy and I.

    A fun day!