Friday, January 14, 2011

Pets !

With this fish in a bowl game the kids rolled a dice and did some addition and subtraction. Jodie had a funny story about Dillion. She said he has all the fish sitting upright on the page and one fell over. He said " Well , that one is dead." Kids say the funniest things.

Early blog today . I am headed out of town ! It was good to be around the house this morning and watching and listening to Jodie and Devin work with the kids. They are excellent and it gives me a great feeling of confidence for the days I need to be gone. My cousins were in town visiting last night and walked in a room and " caught" Ms Jodie wearing a sombrero and dancing. I told them we dont worry too much about it unless she is in a room with no children. Thats our job... to play. Thanks Girls for being such great help !

Matching game made from pet stickers and milk caps.

Autum was proud of her castle !

Noah and his mom brought in Tom and Jerry , two cats to share with us !

Malia's parent brought in Toto ( the cute dog ) and Floppy ( a bunny )

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