Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Wild Animals

We's had another fun day at preschool. Here is Orrin . We learned that an elephant sucks water up his nose and them puts it into his mouth. Practicing this with a turkey baster from one dish to another dish was fun !

One game we played was a file folder game called Lions Lollipops. Each of the children had pictures of various objects. If it started with the L sound they placed their pictures on the lollipop.

After reading the book " Caps for Sale" we painted paper plates green. Why ? It's top secret for a project we are doing tomorrow!
One of the kids favorite songs we are singing this weeks is " Im being eaten by a boa constrictor". Each day someone uses this laundry bag and acts out the song. Other songs we are singing are "Miss Mary Mack" , " We're Going on a Lion Hunt", and " Five Monkeys Jumping on the Bed."

Small groups was when we read the story " Caps for Sale." We used the BIG BOOK and I pointed to the words as I read. Another important thing to do when reading with your child is asking " what do you think will happen next?" and letting them turn the pages one by one. In circle time we used the " Caps for Sale" magnetic board pieces to retell the story. I allowed the children to tell me the story.

Other things we did today were listened to several different types of music. We were reminded of the story about the giraffe that we read yesterday. The cricket told him " Sometimes you just need a different type of music." We listened to snipits of classical, pop, country , blues , a lullaby and many more. The kids favorite of course was Justin Bieber.

I love it when I hear the kids playing and something automatically turns into a learning experience. At lunch today Daniel was talking to the other children and he turned around and noticed the thermometer hanging on the window. He asked me what it was. It turned into a group discussion on what a thermometer is, when it is hot does the red go up or down and why. Loved it... .

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  1. I love the laundry bag, kids love acting out songs, but getting to hide in the bag must be the best!! We were peeking out our window this morning during breakfast and saw the most beautiful Blue Bird with black markings (not sure what it was) eating some of our birdseed. The kids were in awe watching him peck at their seed, and I thought of you and your comment. There is so much out there for our kids to experience, what a great job we have to be able to watch :)