Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ze Plane Ze Plane!

We are still talking about transportation today. I just walked around and snapped a few pictures of the children as they played. Here is Cohen working a puzzle. It really is a great puzzle - though simple it is flexible . The kids can mix up the vehicles and make silly ones.

Audrey playing a math game .

Kayla stamping .

I loved this . All these boys were working together to put these puzzles together. TEAMWORK. IMHO - One of the best things a child can learn early .

Here's a little creative use of the paper roll.

Emeri and Andrea playing in the dress up room.

As part of our learning today I showed the kids about 2 minutes of a youtube video that viewed the inside of a plane. Some of the children had been on a plane and recognized things they saw, while others had lots of questions. We also watched a couple planes take off and land. Some of the children said they were scared to fly while others thought it would be cool.

One of the small group activities we had today was looking through magazines and cutting out things that we would pack and put in a suitcase. That.... didnt work out too well. Many of the kids are still really struggling with cutting. I am sending this little manila folder home. If you have time tonight , please sit down with your child and go through a magazine or flyer and help them find things to cut out and glue in their " suitcase." Of course, we dont have homework so it isnt a " you GOTTA do this" but it would give you a good idea where your child is in scissor cutting skills and reinforce what we did today

In circle time we looked through a suitcase and played a game " some of these things belong and some don't."

It was a good day. SOOOOO happy for the sunshine and warmer weather.

Here is a song we are singing this week !

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  1. We have been using the Internet lately too. I used it on Groundhog Day, and the kids loved it so much, that we have been using it a lot to find information and answers to some of those crazy, never-ending questions they have and that I can't seem to ever answer :)
    Looks like you all had a fun, busy week!!