Friday, April 15, 2011

Arkansas Children's Week

Today is the last day of Arkansas Children's Week. Since old man winter decided to return again with a wind that could blow an adult over we didnt get to spend the day outside like I hoped we would. First thing this morning my first thought was " Puddles to explore" after the storm last night. But no, I would have some sick kiddos on my hands. So, we had more fun inside.

Mr Randy doing another experiment with the kids.
The kids loved playing with the flubber today . I wonder how long that stuff lasts?

The art center was popular today.

And if you think that girls just play dolls, take a look at this.

We have had a lot of science fun this week I have a confession to make. We watched part of a movie today . We watched about 30 minutes of " Stuart Little." Yesterday we were reminded that we are not perfect and this morning first thing, I had to deal with that issue. Parent confrontations are my worst enemy. I dont like conflict - especially if I was wrong. :) All day today I have beat myself up. I dont know if you have figured this out yet, but I am a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my job and kids. I will say that we strive to always always make the best choices and offer the best care and teaching available. But like anyone else we are human and things happen. So, instead of eating strawberry icing straight out of the tub ( with my fingers none the less) I decided to veg with the kids and enjoy a movie. We never do this.. so it was welcomed by all. A friend said SURELY I can find a science slant on this to merge it into my curriculum . Size comparison : Mouse small , people big. Mice come out in spring.... ( but maybe not talking mice.. hmm.. ) There is a part where the boat floats on the water... sink / float. Ok, maybe not curriculum material but definately something that I needed to regroup my thoughts this morning.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend.


  1. Well Ms Debbie, I don't know what happen yesterday, but "things" happen to us all at one time or another... because we are human. I hope it all works itself out and know what a wonderful, funny, exciting, amazing, beautiful, happening, nurturing, fabulous, and awesome program you and Randi run!!!

    PS... I absolutely love flubber, in an airtight container it should last a week or so. Have a Relaxing & Great Weekend!!