Friday, August 26, 2011



Today we had a great Friday! Debbie & Randy are in Mississippi, but Miss Beth and Miss Bethany were here!
We also had a Ashley, Katelyn's mom, join us this morning to play and read books and have fun! Thanks so much for helping us! :)
We learned more about our feelings and the names they have. Ms. Beth told the story of Corduroy, the bear who wanted a home, so he was sad. He lost a button, so he was embarassed, he went to look for his button in the department store and got excited because he thought he was in a palace. He found a button, but it wasn't his, so he got frustrated. And so on... The kids really enjoyed the storytelling pictures that we used and I had many who came to sit at the table and hear it more than once! That's a good sign!
In circle time, we read a book about feelings called "The Way I Feel" that gave us even more names of feelings: jealous, disappointed, bored, excited... The children also taught me the Laurie Berkner (love her!) song they have learned about things we can do to feel better. We reviewed the calm down steps that we use when we are upset and William put them into a song & dance that he performed. It was...interesting. :)

Thanks for the chance to hang out and play with these sweeties! I am hopeful that the preschool I open September 6th will be filled with as much laughter, joy and happy kids like I was surrounded with today. It has been a pleasure! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! :)

I will leave you with the randoom pics I snapped throughout the day. :)

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