Monday, September 21, 2009

Apples , Apples , Apples

How many apples in the tree?
Can you count them 1 , 2 ,3 .
How many green ones?
How many red?
Now eat an apple and go to bed.

Today a couple of the kiddos helped me to make a poster with this poem on it. We were able to talk about periods ( means stop ) and questions marks ( ask something.) I don't spend a lot of time on punctuation I just point it out.

We made apple trees like one of my blogging friends out of large green A's and a brown rectangle trunk. Then the kids used tiny apples stickers to turn it into an apple tree. I took a picture of one of my friends little hands working to get the sticker off. Notice that she is using her pinchers... which is the correct form for pencil holding. Yes, there is a method behind the madness in our play environment. You can see our orchard hanging on the wall.

The picture of the basket of apples has been moved all around the room. I put a muffin tin out beside it and they practice one on one correspondence . They have taken them to the dramatic play area to cook. They have been counted. The tongs are for more fine motor practice.

We also made apples out of paper plates today and put a sparkly A in the center. I would almost bet you money if you ask your child what A sounds like they would be able to tell you.

These activities were done in small groups. I don't believe in a lot of large group craft time. To give you a picture of how we play all day yet get these types of things accomplished: I will set all the materials out on the table and if I see a child wandering around aimlessly i will say " Hey, wandering child ( name ) would you like to make an apple tree?" Almost always the answer is SURE! Most of the time there are a few that don't like crafty type stuff or small group activities and I may have to find them an encourage them to join me. I don't force them though. So, if you see things hanging on the wall and you never see yours come home- it may be that your child was too busy learning through play elsewhere.

Ms Beth will be working on Friday with Randy. I am teaching a conference in Batesville .

I hope you all have a great week!

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