Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Can I have this group every year?

Look what Jaxson was drawing !  I see lots of shapes and body parts!


This is one of the new table activities I put out today.  I saw it on a fellow bloggers blog!  Tracing names on wax paper is so much easier. You can see through it better!

    Some of the older children used cut outs of yellow , green and red apples to make patterns with me at the table.
I emptied and cleaned out all the paint cups and for a week I have not refilled them. You should have heard the excitement today when I said I was putting new paint out! " YAY, can I go first?" " I LOVE to paint! "

Emilee brought me a scentsy in today. Let me see if I can explain : It is a warmer with a bulb that uses wax to spread yummy smells through the house . You can change out the wax to different scents. There are also different sizes. I think it is like tupperware parties where you can have a party and sell to your friends and get points to earn products... maybe. Whatever it is , I might be hooked. If you are interested, I am sure she would love to talk to you !Thanks Emilee. I am really conscience of what my room smells like when you come in. I want it to be welcoming. This will make it easier!

I can't even begin to explain to you how blessed I feel with my classroom this year. I had decided that I would " slow down " this year in my personal / professional life and I think the Lord has blessed me for doing that. These kiddos are so fun, loving and calm. You cannot tell there are 16 children in this house. They are so engaged in play and learning. This is going to be a wonderful year.

Happenings today:

At the chalk board - Look I can make an A ! Look, I made my mommies head BIG! Me made my mommy!

In the green room - Ms Debbie can you video me singing the ABC song? ( WHAT CONFIDENCE! )

I caught Clara sorting our apples in the basket to small and large ! LOVE LOVE LOVE how they learn without me prompting. ALl I have to do is provide the opportunity. Then , she found a small one that had a letter A written on it. Sneaky teacher.

We had a new poem today !   

A is for Alligator. 
A is for Ants!
A is for Apples in my pants!

The kids thought this was HILARIOUS!

I have been very frustrated that I couldnt seem to caption my pictures on my blog.   I emailed a friend this morning and she helped me fix it.   I was in edit html instead of compose. Go figure. Thanks Wendy!  I had already drafted this blog so it is still a little messed up but hopefully from here out they will be better !  


  1. I was wondering about that poem-- Anna has been quoting it all afternoon!

  2. How about you going with the kids to kindergarten?

  3. Ha, I must admit that the poem made me laugh a little as well :) Call me easily amused

  4. You guys look like you are having a great time there!