Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Do you hear what I hear ?

The kids enjoyed playing with some marionettes I picked up yesterday.

I love looking around the room and seeing what kids have learned. See Andreas sorting skills ?

Emeri playing with the puppets.

The frames are filling up with art !

We had our first fire drill today.

Since we were learning about " hearing " today Kimbers mom brought his deaf dog by to visit. It was really interesting to hear how they take care of him . Kimber has learned some sign language to " talk " to Jasper. Thanks Stacy for sharing !

These little boxes are sound boxes. The children can shake them and match the ones that sound the same. You can see the little dot on the bottom of one of them , that is so they can self check to see if they are right. Problem was- some of my talented children decided just to match using the dots instead of their ears.

We played a game. Each of the children were given a little card with a picture on it. They made the sound that the object / animal on their card makes and the other children use their ears to guess what it is. FUN GAME!

Mrs. Brenda came to teach us some sign language today. Thanks Mrs. Brenda.

Scarlett used the beads in the art center to make a beautiful necklace.

Enjoy the video I took of Mrs. Brenda today .

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