Thursday, September 1, 2011

Feelings... no wait, I can feel things.

You never know what is going to show up at small group . Today it was a little chinese boy and a pirate.

I spent some time just sitting in the centers today listening to the children and playing with them. You can learn so much by just listening without judgement.

The kids did a project today with Mrs. Bethany. ( As usual it was a scramble for time.... hurry.. cut, here I'LL DO IT FOR YOU - who learns by ME doing it ? Again... I do not enjoy " projects ."

Which one did the teacher cut out ? In all fairness I do realize when doing projects like this that MANYY of my three year old and some of my fours are not ready to cut on a curved line ,so it is ok to help. What we did was give them the side of the paper to practice cutting on while we made the hand look somewhat like a hand.

Each finger represented a texture we can feel .

William is leading our shadow song - everyone shadows what he is doing.

We wanted to make GAK but didnt get to that today - but we do still have a whole year left to fit it in.

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