Friday, September 2, 2011

Sniff Sniff

Today was our last day on the five senses. Is one of our benchmarks to know the 5 senses ? No. I just use the themes as vehicles to work on all the other skills we need like listening, social skills and counting. At the end of each of our books this week it had a real picture of what body part we use for that 'sense". Today was nose and below was the picture. Do you know what the kids wanted to know ? " Where are the boogers..." Of course! We do some DEEP thinking around here.

We played an awesome 5 senses bingo game. Playing games with your child at home teaches listening to directions and taking turns.

The girls wanted me to take this picture then they walked around for ten minutes saying " Ok, who wants to marry us ?" Funny stuff.

Mr Randy did a cooking / science activity with the kids .They made GAK. The kids loved it. If you want to make some at home . I will post the recipe on our Bright Beginnings group page on Facebook.

I loved it when Kimber said " Ms Debbie , remember last year you put it in that little Easter basket and let it flow through? " THAT is recollection.. So, we did it again. I couldnt find the little Easter basket so we used to steamer top.

Outside Mr Randy and the boys did sack races. He said they loved it.

And it looks like they did.

Here are a couple videos I took today. This one is Orrin during circle time talking about how he uses his senses at the monster truck race track. I asked the question " What do you like to smell ?" and his reply was " the dirt at the monster truck race." So, I grabbed my camera/ phone and off we went.

Then of course when we made GAK the boys figured out how to make a farting noise ....

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  1. This looks like so much fun. I wish my kids attended a preschool like this one.