Tuesday, December 16, 2008

All Aboard!

Today was Polar Express Day. This has become a tradition around here that all the kids look forward to. The funny thing is - they want it exactly the same way every year. " Mr. Randy, are you going to put on your conductor clothes?" or " It is almost time to ice skate, right Ms Debbie?" It is cool how they remember and appreciate all the special touches that go along with our day. It is also PJ day! The kids and ADULTS get to wear their PJ's to school! Woo WHOO! What a comfortable day to just wear PJ's and slippers all day. My dad came by and it took him about 15 minutes to catch on. Finally he said " Oh, today is PJ day! I thought you were dressed a little inappropriate for the weather." The weather, what about work????????? :)

Polar Express Day is always fun. The first thing we do is line up the chairs like the kids are on a train. Before we start the movie I read the book to the kids. We do some prediction ( trying decide what will happen next.) After reading the book we start the movie. After the hot chocolate scene we pause and get back on our train. The kids are given tickets and Randy the conductor punches their ticket. Then.... here he comes with the hot chocolate .. singing and all. The kids love this part. They are all chanting Hot hot hot.. hot chocolate!

Other places we stop are when the train runs into the caribou . We stop and made a reindeer ornament - very cute . When the train hit the ice we move the tables and use wax paper to "ice skate". At the end when the tree is lit we decorated foam trees. The finale was when Randy and I gave he children stockings filled with treats ! They kepy saying" Can we take it home?"

Polar Express day is a lot of fun!

Tomorrow.. oh tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the day before Danielle's wedding. I have Ms Terri coming in to work and depending on what needs to be done, Randy and I will be in and out, with one of us always here with her. Tomorrow we will be bringing it all back down to what Christmas is all about. The kids will celebrate Jesus birthday with each other and have fun with the Christmas story. I will not be blogging tomorrow. I will see you guys January 5th. Merry Christmas!


  1. Adam was so excited about today that he was ready to go (including wearing his jacket) at 7AM! He has looked forward to this day all year! Thanks for making is Pre-K days very memorable.

    Are you sure you dont want to teach Kindergarden next year?

  2. You are sweet but no. I am still counting on your quitting your job so kayla can come though!

  3. This day sounds just fabulous. So much fun for everyone! Lots of great ideas to go with the movie too!

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  4. HA HA I dont think I can quit my job, otherwise we wont be able to pay the light bill or eat (Not that it gets paid now!)
    Maybe I will write Mr. Gov. a letter!