Friday, December 12, 2008

Snip it's

Elliot loves to to 3D art and bring it in for me~!


Katie is no longer scribbling.. she is doing colorful drawing like her big sister!

Christian put the letter and number all in the correct order on the door!

Thanks Ms Cindy for giving us the gloves, hats and scarves your kids had outgrown.

We use a LOT of them everyday!

Today has been a low key day. I worked on some paperwork making sure it was perfect for an upcoming audit and watched the kids play and wrote observations. Part of our job as teachers are watching the children and taking observation notes. By doing this we learn many things about they way they play and what they might know that you cant find out on a piece of paper! Some examples of observations.

The first part would be a benchmark that is a " goal " for us before going to kindergarten. The second part is the observation I take that shows a child is meeting that goal.

3 Shows beginning phonological awareness. Today during Morning Message when I wrote a word that started with D ( J ) said " ms debbie, that starts with YOUR name!"

3 Comprehends and responds to stories read aloud. As we read two stories today ( B and E ) pointed out that the second book was like the first one - each story had a mouse on the page.

1 Participates in group music experiences. This was evident last night. I would record this one in each child's file.

1 Uses strength and control to perform simple tasks. A play wheel chair broke yesterday. E took tape and very securely taped it back on so it is usable.

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  1. Great example of writing goal related observations - thanks