Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Presidents Day !

Today has been a slow fun day.  I would guess it was a lot like Saturdays at your house.  The kids helped me take all the Valentines fun down and get ready to go a different direction.

I am REALLY trying to be child centered so in circle time today I talked about what a great time we had doing Valentines types of things  . I asked the kids would they like to learn about anything else.

Answers:   reading  ( we do that every day !)
                 My mommy went to work...
                  My mommy took me to see the movies

Then.... out of nowhere comes - " Ms Debbie, I would like to learn how cucumbers from the garden become pickles! "    Well, I dont eat cucumbers or pickles but I bet I can find out.  Maybe in the spring we can plant some.

I was leaning toward maybe a transportation unit so I started throwing things out there and THANKFULLY, they bit.   So, for the next couple of weeks we will be doing a transportation unit !

Ten kids here today.....  

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  1. hi debbie! glad you found me, and i then found you! i think the pickles unit sounds cute! i don't know if you watch friends, but one of my favorite episodes is when phoebe sings to kids at the library about "how we get hamburger" this just reminded me of that, but not so scary. loves!